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Hoover Robo.com² Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Robo.com2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Stress-free vacuuming

  • automatedPowerful Automated Cleaning
  • controlComplete Control
  • multisurfaceMulti-Surface Cleaning

product Features


    • automated

      Powerful Automated Cleaning

      With a single touch of a button, the Hoover Robo.com² will begin cleaning your home. With many unique and intelligent features, this robot vacuum cleaner will take the stress out of vacuuming by effectively cleaning the designated area.

    • program

      Fully Programmable

      You can easily program this Hoover robot vacuum so that it automatically starts cleaning at a pre-determined day and time. This is ideal for those who work all day, as you can program the vacuum to do the cleaning for you while you are out!

    • multisurface

      Multi-Surface Cleaning

      The Robo.com² is designed to clean both carpet and hard floors. You can also attach the included Floor Polisher Pad, which will give your hard floors a gentle polish as it vacuums.

    • charging

      Automatic Charging

      When the Hoover is done cleaning, you can return it to it's charging station simply by pressing the 'Home' button on the unit. The Robo,com² will automatically find its way home and connect itself to the station for charging.

    • controls

      Simple Controls

      Large, easy-to-use buttons on the Hoover Rob.com² make it simple for anyone to operate. Simply press 'Auto' and the vacuum will calculate the best cleaning pattern for your room. Alternatively, you can push the targeted 'Spot Cleaning Mode' button - once pressed, the vacuum will clean in an ever-increasing circle around the desired area to ensure a targeted clean.

    • virtual

      Virtual Wall Included

      The virtual wall is ideal for preventing your Robo.com² from moving into unwanted areas, for example through a doorway or down some stairs. When the vacuum approaches the virtual wall, it will change direction and continue cleaning so that it stays within the desired area.

    • remote

      Remote Operation

      You can control the Hoover Robo.com² easily from the comfort of your couch using the included remote control. You can use the remote to activate or deactivate all of the vacuums' features, including 'Manual Navigation' where you control the direction of the vacuum, 'Full and Go' which can be used to automatically start vacuuming once charging is complete, and 'Turbo' which increases its cleaning speed to cover the desired area faster.

    • clean

      Quiet, Efficient Cleaning

      This robot vacuum will use its sensors to determine the best possible cleaning pattern for your room. It will choose from Zig-Zag, Edge, Elliptical and Square patterns depending on the room, and will swiftly deliver excellent cleaning results. An ideal product for those who dislike using a traditional vacuum cleaner!

    • 1 year warranty

      1-Year Warranty

      The Hoover Robo.com² Robot vacuum cleaner comes complete with a 1-Year Hoover Warranty.

  • Nice except for sidebrushes

    Nice build and quality except for the sidebrushes. Mine loses 4 brushlets out of 5 during each cleaning run. What kind of sidebrushes are these? Now I'm forceed to use IRobot ones with 6 brushlets and grind mounting hole to fit into hoover mount.

    Date | 17/06/2014

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